Downtown Gazette — Issue #1

Downtown Digital
3 min readOct 11, 2022

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Our aim is to empower our clients and local community to build out powerful brands by themselves!

We want to provide support to innovative small businesses in Africa, allowing them to scale and become powerful enterprises…

Welcome to the Downtown Gazette!

The Downtown Gazette (DTG) is the newsletter of Downtown Digital, a branding and digital content agency based in Cape Town, South Africa.

We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their digital, branding, content and marketing goals.

Downtown Digital specializes in digital products/platforms, branding, animation, multimedia design, art direction, web design, copywriting, digital marketing, and other design and content services.

The Cape Town CBD — Our stomping ground!

Our Goals:

This is our first episode of the Downtown Gazette (DTG). We are excited to share our strategic branding resources, our multimedia content creation guides, free downloadable marketing frameworks, and the latest UX design trends.

Our content is catered to small businesses and startups who are looking to change their niches, make a difference in the world and build out a healthy brand. We want to provide structure and knowledge to facilitate exponential growth and scale in new African industries.

Branding Strategy Resources:

Research & Analysis Tools: Learn how to plan & identify your research methodology, collect & record your data, identify and stalk your competitors, and analyse the research findings to gather key market insights into your specific industry!

Brand Strategy Frameworks: Learn how to develop a branding strategy like the pros. See exactly how to segment your target market, perform a SWOT analysis, set SMART objectives, and construct a unique brand positioning statement.

Brand Identity Guidelines: Learn how to develop a unique brand identity that communicates your brands message, and design a visual identity that truly represents your brand. We also have guides to the fundamentals of logo design, typography and colour theory.

Content Creation Resources:

Overview Of Digital Platforms: Learn how to create content that appeals to your target market. See exactly how to build out your social media content strategy, start a podcast or livestream, engage with your audience and scale your digital presence to new heights.

Multimedia Design Techniques: Learn the basics of multimedia design all in one place, including art direction, animation, videography, sound editing, graphic design, photography, and more.

Growing An Online Audience: Learn how to understand your online audience, set growth goals, keep track of your analytics, and create & maintain a social media content schedule. Start a podcast or livestream today!

Paid Marketing Guides: Understand the basics of Facebook business suite, paid marketing, and Boosting social media posts.

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Downtown Digital

The DTG is here to provide small businesses and startups in Africa with brand strategy fundamentals, multimedia content frameworks, marketing trends, and more!